Batman vs Superman: First Pic of Ben Affleck as Batman!

  • Zack Snyder tweeted a sneak peek yesterday of the rear end of the new Batmobile with the tarp covering the rest of the body. Just seeing it from the back already sent goose bumps down our spine when we realized that it looked like a cross between Tim Burton’s version and the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.


    Image Credit: Moviepilot

    Image Credit: Moviepilot


    Today, ol’ Zack is at it again, this time tweeting a photo of the Batmobile with Ben Affleck as Batman!  With the surprise bonus of having Affleck in his Bats costume, it seems safe to say that he looks the part already and this could go a long way in fans’ acceptance of his being cast as the Dark Knight. As you probably already know, Affleck was an unpopular choice as Batman the moment the announcement was made that he would don the cape and cowl.

    The photo clearly shows a detailed look of the costume design along with a semi-detailed look of the new Batmobile. I must say, though, that the photo oozes with coolness!


    News from the superhero movie world has been filled with X-Men material lately with the next installment in the franchise just a week away. Maybe this was Snyder’s way of getting the fans’ attention to what they’re doing and letting us know that DC isn’t waving the white flag yet.

    Check out what Matt Carter from Moviepilot had to say about it:

    The suit looks magnificent. The cowl, the chest logo, the cape! It's making me emotional. And the Batmobile. Holy smokes!

    The suit looks to have been influenced by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns as well as the Arkham video games and is a lot less mechanical than the one worn by Christian Bale.

    Are you getting excited about the Superman/Batman movie yet?