10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

  • 3. SILVER SURFER Highlights of Powers and Abilities Uniqueness Although this does not really classify as a weakness, he is unique through out the multiverse, and the Living Tribunal offered a moment of Godhood to the Surfer because of this. Power Cosmic In order for Norrin Radd to be a herald for Galactus, Galactus gives Norrin some of his cosmic powers possessing him with the Power Cosmic. Regeneration The Silver Surfer can regenerate parts of himself with the Power Cosmic, including his board, at will. Super Strength The Power Cosmic gives the Silver Surfer incredible strength and he has fought some of the most powerful beings in the universe including Thor, the Hulk, Thanos and the Champion of the Universe. Super Speed The Silver Surfer can travel at speeds faster than light. His mind and body can be used at these speeds as well, making the Surfer extremely reactive and agile. The Silver Surfboard The Silver Surfer rides a board that is composed of the same material of the silver coating that covers his whole body. Highly dependent of the board, it is also mentally linked to the Silver Surfer himself, so if he was to be separated from his board, he could still control and command it mentally. Almost indestructible, the board can be used as both weapon and shield, if the board does take damage or is broken, the Silver Surfer can either repair the board or recreate a whole new one. Silver Surfer can also use the board to imprison or incase an individual, but only for a limited amount of time. 1407586-silversurfer2  

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    1. taylor said:

      I think Nathan Grey a.k.a Xman is list worthy. The guy is an omega level, possibly the most powerful psionic mutant ever, and though it’s yet to happen he still is capable of Phoenix power due to his genes.