10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

  •   5. PHOENIX (Jean Grey) Highlights of Powers and Abilities Jean Grey it’s one of the most powerful telepaths, to such an extent that she had been stated to be the most powerful. Jean is able to use her telepathy in different ways as Mind Communication, Mind Reading, Mind Transferral, Mind Detection, Psychic Surgery, cast near flawless Illusions, project her Astral Form, control the Astral Plane, create Psychic Links with other beings and Mind Manipulation. Telekinesis Jean can use her powerful telekinetic abilities on herself and others to fly, move objects and other beings, stimulate molecules to increase friction to the point of making flames, make force fields, and make concussive blasts. Phoenix Force When empowered by the Phoenix Force Jean has total control over all matter on the sub-atomic scale to the point where she can manipulate the entire universe. She can generate endless amounts of energy as well as absorb endless amounts of energy. Jean is also an Omega Level Mutant. The highest point of power a mutant can ever reach without outside forces. The Mutant Alpha Apocalypse Age's Sinister stated Jean as the Mutant Alpha, the most powerful mutant to ever exist. Dark Beast also said that she goes beyond mutation into some other category. 3047574-dark_phoenix

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    1. taylor said:

      I think Nathan Grey a.k.a Xman is list worthy. The guy is an omega level, possibly the most powerful psionic mutant ever, and though it’s yet to happen he still is capable of Phoenix power due to his genes.