10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

  • 6. MARTIAN MANHUNTER Highlights of Powers and Abilities Martian Manhunter possesses powers and abilities common to all Martians but has shown to be the most powerful of his race, largely due to be from his training as a Manhunter of Mars, and also his years as hero of Earth. Super Strength – The Martian Manhunter possess vast amounts of superhuman strength comparable to Superman's strength, easily making him one of the physically strongest beings on the planet. J'onn, Superman, and Wonder Woman were capable of moving the earth. J'onn can further supplement his strength by increasing his size. His great strength has also been shown by his ability to harm Superboy-Prime. Psionic Blast – J'onn is able to project painful and destructive blasts of psionic energy from his eyes and his hands Psionic Shield – J'onn is able to project a telekinetic shield of distinct size and force for their protection and that of others. Martian Vision – Martian Manhunter can project powerful blasts of energy from his eyes. The power of these blasts are comparable to Superman's heat vision and have been shown to be able to harm Superman himself. He is able to create powerful enough blast to sever his own arm. He is also able to project telekinetic blasts of force. X-ray Vision – J'onn J'onzz described this ability colloquially as ionized particulate matter mapped to a variable density wavepacket. It allows him to see through objects. 1912498-martian_manhunter__001__02_

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    1. taylor said:

      I think Nathan Grey a.k.a Xman is list worthy. The guy is an omega level, possibly the most powerful psionic mutant ever, and though it’s yet to happen he still is capable of Phoenix power due to his genes.