10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

  • 9. SHAZAM Highlights of Powers and Abilities The wizard's name, SHAZAM, is an acronym with each letter standing for an Elder who grants his power to Shazam's champion. When young Billy Batson speaks the wizard's name, a magical lightning bolt charged with the power of the Shazam Elders transforms Billy from an adolescent boy into the adult hero, Captain Marvel, empowered by the gods. As Captain Marvel, he is granted powers from these Elders: Superhuman Knowledge – Captain Marvel posses a vast amount of knowledge about facts that he had no encountered previously. Billy is able to make guesses about subjects that he had no prior knowledge to but is able to answer with incredible accuracy. Clairvoyance – Captain Marvel is able to change disadvantages to advantages even though he is not fully aware of the situation at hand. Hypnosis – Marvel is able to hypnotize his opponents but this does not work on people who are of a very strong mind. Omni-lingual – Cap has the ability to speak any language and can even communicate with aliens. Superhuman Strength – Captain Marvel has the ability to lift well over 100 tons with minimal effort and has battled top tier beings such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Captain Marvel has stalemated Superman in an arm wrestling contest and has at least matched Wonder Woman in raw strength. The limits, if there actually are any, of Captain Marvel's strength are unknown. 2900368-character_bio_576_shazam

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    1. taylor said:

      I think Nathan Grey a.k.a Xman is list worthy. The guy is an omega level, possibly the most powerful psionic mutant ever, and though it’s yet to happen he still is capable of Phoenix power due to his genes.