10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

  • 2. FRANKLIN RICHARDS (son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman) Powers Franklin is an omega level mutant with vast reality warping powers and psionic powers as well as complete control over the fundamental forces of the universe. Roma the guardian of all realities said his power level was equal to the Celestials. His powers have been shown to include telepathy over a radius of 250 miles long as well as telekinetic abilities shown to lift himself and tons of weight. He uses his telekinesis for a bio-blast which can even knock the Thing across a room. Franklin also displays precognitive powers, manifesting in his dreams that are mostly always going to happen. This power has increased to the point where he could see the future when he is awake. He can astral project which he calls his Dream self projection. This has no limit to how far he can go. He also possesses the ability to control the fundamental forces of the universe, his fundamental forces manipulation is shown to be on a universal scale. One of his main abilities is to reality warping. His reality warping power is at a cosmic scale and may have no upper limits at all. He has shown to create a pocket universe, create life doubles of someone, bring back the dead, and create whole planets. Franklin is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. It was stated that he is a omniversal threat. His powers were suppressed for some time by his father due to their dangerous nature.

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    1. taylor said:

      I think Nathan Grey a.k.a Xman is list worthy. The guy is an omega level, possibly the most powerful psionic mutant ever, and though it’s yet to happen he still is capable of Phoenix power due to his genes.